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Hey... We're Right??

Hey... We're Right??


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kaylercool added this comment  2010-07-30 13:44:28-05:00

that is one of the best songs ever! by my fave artist!

ryckbueno26 added this comment  2010-07-30 11:50:36-05:00

Thanks Chalkdawg......

chalkdawg added this comment  2010-07-30 01:07:38-05:00

Fantastic image and magnificent video! 5 and a fav.

ryckbueno26 added this comment  2010-07-28 08:45:51-05:00

Thanks marie3..... ^^

marie3 added this comment  2010-07-28 04:54:23-05:00

Awesome, and you cannot beat Michael Jackson great glog! 5*alert,fav!:)