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About me

  • About me

    I am 12 years old and a half.I like mythology stuff because I think its cool.I write poetry to get out my anger because I have anger issues.I love anime a lot!!I have German,Irish,French in me.I can speak a little bit of Japanese,French,Spanish,but I can speak English because I am a American(PS:No offense to the people).
  • Music

    I love Rock,Emo,Hip-Hop,A little bit of Country,Rap,R&B.


    InuYasha,Hellsing,Blood+,Sailor Moon,Prince of Tennis,Wall Flower,Hell Girl,Bones,Tinker Bell,Naruto.
  • Lifestyle

    I write Poetry,Stories,I also like to Draw.


    I love to run but I don't do any track or any sport.
  • Arts

    I love drawing and painting and coloring and some other stuff with art.


    I love anime!


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