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Behind Your Mask

Behind Your Mask


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madlibsxox added this comment  2009-12-04 20:55:17-06:00

Love this concept. Beautiful job

musiclover36 added this comment  2009-12-08 23:08:16-06:00


magoobear added this comment  2009-12-02 13:24:33-06:00

this is interesting! very nicely done!! =)

cutekitten200537 added this comment  2009-12-02 09:34:26-06:00

beautiful entry, good luck. xJANx.

blueviola121 added this comment  2009-12-02 00:38:46-06:00

Wow. This is lovely. And very inspiring.

jamjamie added this comment  2009-12-02 00:12:24-06:00

this is so lovable, the mask is often who we wanna be and not rlly the beauty of who we acctually are. this a great message :)

asleepwithcompasses added this comment  2009-12-05 21:06:35-06:00

Great idea and message! It's true, I don't just put up any old picture of myself, I pick something that I think will show people what I want them to see about me. Really great job! BUMP! ~ aw/c