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My Favorite Book

My Favorite Book


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andifeyrtr added this comment  2009-11-29 22:13:20-06:00

This sounds like an interesting one. Great entry to this weeks challenge! ~)o(~

sweetlytragic added this comment  2009-11-28 20:49:25-06:00

Cool, sounds like an good book. Best of luck!

proves added this comment  2009-11-28 19:30:27-06:00


ladykakira added this comment  2009-11-28 19:20:48-06:00

Amazing! Soooo much better then what I did for the contest! Plus its awesome seeing someone with the same favourite book as me! X3 good luck! :3

skullfreak added this comment  2009-11-27 22:24:59-06:00

no affense but the burnt barbie kinnda creepy. but shot barbie nice! 3 stars!

magoobear added this comment  2009-11-27 17:49:25-06:00

love how you've done this!! it sounds really interesting!

cutekitten200537 added this comment  2009-11-27 09:44:28-06:00

nicely done. xJANx.

vivien added this comment  2009-11-27 07:28:12-06:00

nice entry :) love it

gothgirl added this comment  2009-12-02 02:55:03-06:00

this sounds cool:) good luck:)

karmakazi added this comment  2009-11-27 00:44:46-06:00

Everyone loves this book. No doubt. 5 stars for you.

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