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Polar bear

Polar bear


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bmw0685 added this comment  2011-09-27 15:28:41-05:00

I liked your little blog until the paragraph about global warming. Then i realized how ignorant you are. Then I continued down to your version of the Polar Bear habitat. They only live around the NORTH pole! The south pole has Penguins. Do a little research before you just go typing garbage. And by the way, research shows that the earth has not been heating for some time now. We have this thing called the sun thats rather inconsistant in the amount of radiation it throws out, thus we have temp. variations. In the 1960's the temp went down so much, many thought we were headed for another Ice Age. Many people don't know or refuse to aknowledge this fack. That's good news for you and your fellow alarmist, in time history will forget about you too.