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About me

  • Music

    *One Republic*Franz Ferninand*SID*Gorillaz*The doors*Robbie Williams*Graffiti6*Florend Monthe*U2*The pillows*Kalafila*Daisuke Ono*Yuki Suzuki*Hirano Aya*Koda muki*Vocaloid*Riryka*Access*Core Pride*SEAMO*Nico Touches the Walls*Savage Genius*Noruniru*Akiyama Miki*Last Alliance*MIKA*Maroon 5*30Second to Mars*Hotspur*Lindsey Stirling*HIMEKA*


    *The nightmare before Chrismas*Alice in Wonderland*SWEENEY TODD*Corpse Bride*The Melancholy Fantastic*Code Geass*Black Butler*Durarara*Blue Exorcist*7Ghost*Doubt*God only knows*Deaht Note*Evangelion*Hetalia: Axis Powers*Honey and Clover*Nabari no Ou*Fooly Cooly*Fullmetal Alchemist*X*Trinity Blood*Spice and Wolf*Bones*Dr. House*Doctor Who?*Rosario+Vampire*Seikon no Qwaser*
  • Lifestyle

    I am one of those people who like to drinks a cup of coffee in the morning


    I'm not good playing sports (I have had many accidents because of my clumsiness)
  • Arts

    I know: cooking*weaving*painting*drawing*computer animation*playing piano and guitar


    I like to make glogs because it's fun ^.^

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