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Taylor and Christima Forever <3

Taylor and Christima Forever <3


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sexysims94 added this comment  2012-05-22 09:14:31-05:00

Ok I stand corrected, babe lmao :P

sexysims94 added this comment  2012-05-22 09:14:07-05:00

Lol Awww thanks and we love you too :)

hotsammie16 added this comment  2012-05-21 12:45:51-05:00

dang happy for yall ..i love you both;)

christima added this comment  2012-05-21 11:12:20-05:00

ur wrong its been a couple weeks........

sexysims94 added this comment  2012-05-20 19:33:43-05:00

Lol I can't remember but it's been awhile like...last weekend I think...correct me if I'm wrong babe...

hotsammie16 added this comment  2012-05-18 13:32:26-05:00

when did yall get bck together lolzz

sexysims94 added this comment  2012-05-18 10:54:02-05:00

I love you too babe :) I always will

christima added this comment  2012-05-18 10:44:27-05:00

omg how sweet and my favorite songs by chris young two i lvoe u baby