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what you think of this girl

what you think of this girl


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cordealia added this comment  2012-07-23 16:27:31-05:00

i do not know her, but she seems cool so pink and orange hehe

shy45 added this comment  2012-07-23 13:34:48-05:00


captainsapphirejems added this comment  2012-07-20 05:29:16-05:00

Orangiee o.o

stevehughes added this comment  2012-07-19 14:15:23-05:00

ur amazing and red pink green orange yellow blue purple ur really sweet 2 :)

cooljazzman added this comment  2012-07-19 11:53:13-05:00

Well I will Say this I Feel About You Like I Do About All my Glogster Friends... And I tell People that I Love Glogster & my Glogster Friends... Now it is true that I am Closer to Some of my Glogster Friends than I am others, However I Do Care for them All... In other words You May Not Be my Best Friend, But if Anything Bad was to Happen to You it would Break my Heart, & I Really Mean that... ^_^

shy45 added this comment  2012-07-18 22:31:24-05:00

u guys r sooo fucking amazing ^-^ i luv u guys sooo much <3

vlgisawesome added this comment  2012-07-18 22:28:22-05:00

Shy ur amazing u really r

outcastcalltoarms added this comment  2012-07-18 22:26:27-05:00

Shy your mommy fucking loves you with all her heart! :D So red,Pink,green,Yellow, Purple some of the others would be awkward for me to say xD

shy45 added this comment  2012-07-18 09:17:20-05:00

awwwww ^-^ <3

vlgisawesome added this comment  2012-07-17 20:38:28-05:00

Red, pink, green, orange, yellow, blue, purple, aqua

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