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Edgar Alan Poe

Edgar Alan Poe


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andifeyrtr added this comment  2008-04-04 23:57:44-05:00

This GLOG of your is most awesome! Poe is one of me favorites and now, with your wonderful page I can incorporate The Raven into me teaching lessons for me students and "kill" another bird with the same stone so-to-speak while practicing their computer skills....Thank you me friend, many times !!! I have also made your page me first favorite =) Slainte! ~)o(~

georgevreelandhill added this comment  2010-01-29 19:27:28-06:00

I love it. George Vreeland Hill

writergirl16 added this comment  2010-01-11 10:13:43-06:00

Poe is 1 of my favz...he inspired me 2 write =) awesome glog