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About me

  • About me

    My name is sara and I'm 18 and a freshman in college. I love music. It's my most favorite thing in the whole world besides drawing and sleep. AnywayI'm nice till you piss me off and I won't turn down a friend request. I like to meet new people so if you want to be friends then whatever:D
  • Music

    let me start on my long ass list: Rammstein, silverstein, deftones, metallica, three days grace, aiden, johnny cash cuz he is not fucking country, the ramones, blink-182, nickleback sucksX(, vlad ashkinazy and much more


    music channels are the best but hetalia, queen of the damned, teeth cuz that is freaking hilariousxD, the underworlds, old alice in wonderland is best minus the fact that the new has johnny depp and tim burtons movies
  • Lifestyle

    meh, my life isn't the best but its not what it was, so i have no right to judge


    skateboarding football soccer i don't know if falling was a sport i'd be a professional
  • Arts

    whatever i can do without killing myself or losing any limbs


    I have a tendency to be random especially when I'm exhausted. Anything else,ask:D


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