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ladyleven added this comment  2008-12-15 23:23:41-06:00

this is so amazing!!! did you write it!? *and i ♥ butterflies!* hehe! 5 strz!!

masterpianotuning added this comment  2008-12-15 09:21:40-06:00's rough out there .......................great glog!!!!!

gothgirl added this comment  2008-12-19 18:12:08-06:00

wow this is great!!:)

squiggle added this comment  2008-12-17 18:35:43-06:00

my name is in the wing of the butterfly...if you look at my other glogs, whenever it is a poem by me my name appears somewhere on it.

squiggle added this comment  2008-12-17 18:35:04-06:00

yes i wrote it.