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'does it make me a stranger?'

'does it make me a stranger?'


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squirrelygurl added this comment  2008-10-10 17:21:35-05:00

thanks! :)

krazyme13 added this comment  2008-10-10 16:27:02-05:00

this is woooooo cool i love it!

holly76 added this comment  2008-09-11 23:48:37-05:00

Awesome Glog!! :o)

squirrelygurl added this comment  2008-09-11 23:22:03-05:00

haha thanks people, glad you like :)

kristenrei added this comment  2008-09-11 22:56:24-05:00

OMG! Excellent! My best friend was born in a manger too ;D So I guess that makes us sister strangers! =D

mizzy1219 added this comment  2008-09-11 22:34:20-05:00

oh cool!! i dont think it makes you a stranger! I love that song too!! x] gr8 glog a five for me and a alert x]

sydneyroxursox added this comment  2008-10-05 13:46:47-05:00

absolutely that's awesome!

squirrelygurl added this comment  2008-09-23 14:52:41-05:00

thanks guys, im happy you people like it. :)

gabybutterscotch added this comment  2008-10-09 14:20:00-05:00


squirrelygurl added this comment  2008-09-30 23:12:07-05:00

lol thanks cassie- u rock! lets be jesus freaks together forever. :P :P

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