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"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"


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squirrelygurl added this comment  2008-10-10 13:22:13-05:00

yea me too, i love it. favorite song in the world. :)

mandapandy94 added this comment  2008-10-10 07:08:46-05:00

omg, i cry every time i hear this song, i love it!!

awathu added this comment  2008-10-23 17:32:26-05:00

Excellent photography!

squirrelygurl added this comment  2008-09-30 23:05:32-05:00

thanks pink i really aprpeciate that! :D and yea this version of the song (by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) is my favorite song of all time, i just love it. :)

pinkarmywifey added this comment  2008-09-30 21:59:08-05:00

WoW! got me just speechless! never heard that version! i like it... but dude.... ur photog is gorgeous!!

ayanekaye added this comment  2008-10-14 06:34:22-05:00

very amazing...

devster123 added this comment  2008-12-05 21:35:28-06:00

woot rainbows!

actressgirl321 added this comment  2010-11-29 21:02:13-06:00

this is really good! i love it!

squirrelygurl added this comment  2008-09-26 11:04:00-05:00

aww thank you, that means a lot :).

bikerkid added this comment  2008-09-26 08:56:47-05:00


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