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My Bucket List (example)

My Bucket List (example)


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kenzie12300 added this comment  2012-05-06 19:57:19-05:00

i love this, it's super cool, i need to make a bucket list, i <3 this song

theresa12345 added this comment  2012-04-28 10:44:36-05:00

I love this! Congrats, your on your way to achieving your goal of traveling!

luvzewayst added this comment  2011-08-16 20:44:35-05:00

can't swim, will never have more than one friend, no one will ever marry me, I won't die happy but at least i'll die and i have had a couple good dogs, love this song

westerngurl added this comment  2011-10-13 19:16:33-05:00

SURVEY SAYS that more people will stay on your page when you are playing a song that they like!

yumnakash added this comment  2011-05-29 14:27:05-05:00

amaaazing (:

andifeyrtr added this comment  2008-12-07 01:43:17-06:00

This is wonderful list and a beautiful entry to this weeks challenge! ~)o(~

shehpati added this comment  2011-05-15 08:09:35-05:00

wow! awesome piece of art!

squirrelygurl added this comment  2008-12-06 18:25:13-06:00

thanks :)

coolgirl1988 added this comment  2008-12-06 14:40:10-06:00

its such a cool glog gurl.......keep it up......

squirrelygurl added this comment  2008-12-06 12:21:45-06:00


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