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Try this very funny

Try this very funny


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sharklover4536 added this comment  2012-06-20 14:33:15-05:00

switch lives with spongebob awesome my friends are mortal enemies with pikachu host a tv show with nyan cat handcuffed(for life) with a mudkip mortal enemies with mickey mouse

sam281732 added this comment  2012-04-10 14:34:42-05:00

host a tv show with voldemort and chuck norris O.O mother of god.....*takes off glasses* I'm gonna die O.0

abegnaud added this comment  2012-04-02 16:47:21-05:00

Host a TV show with a teletubby!

starry4 added this comment  2012-04-02 16:25:23-05:00

imagine if someone got married to edward culen or justin beiber

starry4 added this comment  2012-04-02 16:16:25-05:00

this 3 year old boy got stuck on island with voldemort

danielwhiteside added this comment  2012-04-02 16:12:28-05:00

I switched lives with Yoshi?!?! YES!!!!!!!! xD

starry4 added this comment  2012-04-02 16:10:12-05:00

haha who is mudkip

cindybm added this comment  2012-04-02 16:09:02-05:00

oh wait ima an enemy with mudkip :( i shouldnt be happy

mochafrappe369 added this comment  2012-04-02 16:08:56-05:00

stupid but funny. jst the kind of humor we americans like :) i got MORTAL ENIMIES WITH A TELETUBBY alrede done :)

lizzyv1002 added this comment  2012-04-02 16:07:40-05:00

Mortal enemies with Mickey Mouse xD

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