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About me

  • About me

    my real name is Sendy:D, I am an energetic nice going girl :)!! My personality would be a helpful person who never backs down on friends, I will always be there for them when they need me , I think everyone should be treated the same and not be judged by who they are, because everyone's is a special person in their own way :)
  • Music

    I can't live without it !!!!!!!!!!!........xD?.....I also play the clarinet lol


    I love mystery and drama, and hilariouse movies !!!:)
  • Lifestyle

    I spend my times reading or drawing anime and manga :)!!! Or listening to Japanese music !!:) true anime lover ;) <3


    I used to play volleyball and I love playing soccer and basketball :D
  • Arts

    I draw anime and love to sing :)


    I am a great fan of anime and I love reading manga books !!!i love drawing the anime characters to my favorite anime and manga !!!! I am a true anime freak !!!;D lol

My Only Love~Sailor Moon

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