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THE ETERNAL REDEMPTION WE HAVE WITH CHRIST-One of the most inspirational glogs to ever be made

THE ETERNAL REDEMPTION WE HAVE WITH CHRIST-One of the most inspirational glogs to ever be made


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saisurej added this comment  2012-09-04 16:29:27-05:00

Truly inspirational

suryt added this comment  2012-08-30 19:12:04-05:00

thank you soo much Krystal108 :)

krystal108 added this comment  2012-08-30 17:53:57-05:00

I've had an account here for almost 2 years (I think) and this in the best, if not, one of the best glogs, I have seen yet. I'm currently going through a spike in my faith right now. My faith has been growing rapidly lately, and possibly during spring break, me, my sister, and my mother will be going on a mission trip with my church to Haiti. Please, Please, Please NEVER stop spreadng the news of Christ. Christ is absolutely NECESSARY in a person's life if he/she is to ever find true peace. Thanks for this incredible glog, it is VERY much appreciated!

jadat added this comment  2012-08-27 18:14:14-05:00

i loved it u keep on talking about jesus to help everybody get to heaven

haleythesexyone added this comment  2012-08-27 17:15:23-05:00

love it

suryt added this comment  2012-08-24 15:37:31-05:00

you didn't offend me nor Timo. You see, being christianity isn't being religous, its being born again. its not a religion, its a relationship. Not about rules, its about a relationship with God through Christ

bowzrox added this comment  2012-08-24 10:09:30-05:00

It's ok mezzo !!!!! no one rlly blames u

mezzopiano added this comment  2012-08-23 22:09:56-05:00

Oh, I'm sorry if I offended you guys. Like I believe in Christianity, but my parents are Japanese, so they don't really accept me believing in God, etc. (in Japan, people are more into Buddhism than Christianity) So I learned to lay off a little when speaking to people about these kind of things. I am so sorry! I should have said that in a more better way than just "religion". I must have offended you guys. Believe me, I do believe that Christ died for us so that our hearts will be connected with God, but my parents taught me differently so I still don't know how to approach these things... Again, I am very sorry!

tyfan1 added this comment  2012-08-23 21:51:57-05:00

yeah mezzo. Its not a religion, its about being in the body of Christ and its having a relationship with God

grace4productions added this comment  2012-08-21 20:27:06-05:00

Love this glog SOOO MUCH:) Keep up the mission Ty.

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