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Wide Glog by suryt

Wide Glog by suryt


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whisper97 added this comment  2014-04-02 06:50:17-05:00

@surfer97 God is above you. you don't have the power to say that or anything against Him. And @suryt gret job. Loved it!! <3 ^_^

littledrapper added this comment  2014-02-27 08:16:12-06:00

great vid bro and surfer97 just shut up

suryt added this comment  2014-02-26 22:31:52-06:00

@sufer97 great. thanks for your opinion. :)

surfer97 added this comment  2014-02-26 19:06:54-06:00

yup and you will burn to and i will make sure of it there is no god

suryt added this comment  2014-02-26 16:52:45-06:00

@sufer97 thank you ^_^

surfer97 added this comment  2014-02-26 16:36:02-06:00

hes not real hes dead he burning in hell with the lord satan lololol

1oceangirl added this comment  2014-02-26 16:19:58-06:00

Wow. I loved that!

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