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sk8tergal88 added this comment  2011-07-08 14:56:23-05:00


strifysally929 added this comment  2011-07-08 14:53:49-05:00

REM!!!!!! i don't like her cuz she writes L and Watari's name into her Death Note!!!!!!! i only like her cuz she doesn't like Light! ;D Shinigami's rock!!!! Ryuk's better though...

allihart added this comment  2011-07-08 07:18:53-05:00

REM! Yeah she's such a kind Shinigami...unless she wants to kill you

thehayleynews added this comment  2011-07-07 20:25:24-05:00

What do you mean? It's an anime character.

mythological23 added this comment  2011-07-07 20:22:00-05:00

cool but that just sounds kinda mean

thehayleynews added this comment  2011-07-07 20:16:59-05:00

She's a Shinigami:P

thegreengoblin added this comment  2011-07-07 20:13:06-05:00

looks more like a ghoul XD

thehayleynews added this comment  2011-07-07 20:09:59-05:00

It's trrue. Rem tis a girl.

scheura0842 added this comment  2011-07-07 20:08:47-05:00

HOW?!!!!!!!!! THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!

sammie43v3r added this comment  2011-07-11 12:23:05-05:00

id like her shes really creepy and bcuz of her i cried when she killed L i was sooo sad