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Walking trip photos-macros

Walking trip photos-macros


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kittymilo added this comment  2008-09-23 04:41:14-05:00

oh and it's rally cool on some of the photos it has a slight blur on either side of them THATS realy kool lol!

kittymilo added this comment  2008-09-23 04:40:46-05:00

wowwwwwwwww those are reaaaaly cool my mum really like them too!!! we mostly like the lavendar one and the tulips with the white building i the backround the best! we like the photos from like the perspective of looking up thats really cool! And a nice layout. I'm on ski trip tomorow so i wont see you nay more!! cool

themarshall added this comment  2008-09-22 05:05:43-05:00

If you ever visit one of my glogs, could you please give me some feedback & feedfoward so I can improve on making glogs next time. Thank-you!

neinamacaronicheese added this comment  2008-09-26 03:07:52-05:00

I love the flower pictures. I especially like the last photo. The layout is equisite. Youre very good.

mrw00dy added this comment  2008-10-02 20:32:21-05:00

awesome photos, Peit... er, I mean, MArshall. You are a specialist closeup nature photographer it seems. I like your work. mr woody

queenie05 added this comment  2008-09-29 00:45:49-05:00

u took lots of photos of flowers!

queenie05 added this comment  2008-09-29 00:44:52-05:00

it may seem like i am just writin randum things but im not. its just cos u said u wanted feedback!

queenie05 added this comment  2008-09-29 00:43:59-05:00

i like da close up of da yellow flower!

queenie05 added this comment  2008-09-29 00:43:25-05:00

the pics r takin ages 2 load only sum of them hav!

queenie05 added this comment  2008-09-29 00:42:48-05:00

i also like the water fall.

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