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Bye, Babes.


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clairechaseskittens added this comment  2011-07-08 11:14:06-05:00

Wait..This was made 22 days ago. Nevermind. But please dont ever leave again. I might die..

clairechaseskittens added this comment  2011-07-08 11:12:26-05:00

I will miss you!! ),: Come back soon!

jessiis13 added this comment  2011-06-16 12:10:02-05:00

I love you. Stay beautiful for your wife, ok?

jessiis13 added this comment  2011-06-16 12:09:08-05:00

:( Don't be gone to long ok, dear? I'm going to miss you more than anybody on here <3 I love you. Stay beautiful for your wife, ok?

dulpa added this comment  2011-06-15 20:18:09-05:00

lol partick! and nice letter! my friend said it was too sad, i luv the song!

fluffypenguincookiedough added this comment  2011-06-17 07:09:25-05:00

I hope that everything turns out alright for you. I'll miss you!! :,c ~Lori, sister in law~