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She's Bubby To Me.

She's Bubby To Me.


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emipop added this comment  2011-06-15 11:26:45-05:00

awe thats so cute!!

lovesprite added this comment  2011-06-15 10:28:12-05:00

awwwwwwww thts so sweet!

downtherabbithole added this comment  2011-06-14 20:39:07-05:00

Jessii Is Amazing c;

jessiis13 added this comment  2011-06-07 12:48:43-05:00

It didn't show the rest of my message ! :o Well, it said when we both turn 18 we'll have to meet some where to go buy our ice skates :33 && it also said Your Amazing. End of Story. <3

jessiis13 added this comment  2011-06-07 12:47:09-05:00

:333 ILoveYouTillIDie&&EvenAfterThat <3 When we turn 18, We'll have to meet somewhere and buy our iceskates :) Your. Amazing. EndOfStory. :333

gothgirl added this comment  2011-06-07 03:58:33-05:00

aww sweet glog:)