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Stand By Me~Ben E. King

Stand By Me~Ben E. King


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thesebrilliantlies added this comment  2012-06-16 11:03:31-05:00

It is awesome, that's why it's one of my favorites [=

royalbl00d added this comment  2012-06-15 09:28:56-05:00

I've seen this movie! Its awesome :)

mattiefluffer added this comment  2012-06-15 09:28:11-05:00

lol that movie

thesebrilliantlies added this comment  2012-06-14 18:36:18-05:00

It's from the movie Stand by Me [=

jadedragon added this comment  2012-06-14 16:17:43-05:00

:D I love this! I love this song and I love this glog! :D Which movie it this from?