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That's Why I Did It.

That's Why I Did It.


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alexandradrie added this comment  2013-10-17 08:46:35-05:00

thats amazing.

eaospina37 added this comment  2013-10-15 14:01:20-05:00

que chimba parce

xsadforeverx added this comment  2013-10-14 18:10:29-05:00

wow thtz epic

vambie added this comment  2013-10-13 19:53:12-05:00

Lovely and very great qoute:)

thesebrilliantlies added this comment  2013-10-13 18:40:03-05:00

This quote is from a novel called Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly. It's a fantastic read and a great book about overcoming what you think you cannot. I would recommend it to anyone, especially people who are struggling with their own inner enemies.

cindybm added this comment  2013-10-13 18:23:24-05:00

I don't like this glog... I love this glog! Ahh and Panic! At The Disco <3