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Once upon a Vespa, in the rain...

Once upon a Vespa, in the rain...


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azncamgurl added this comment  2009-05-04 20:54:26-05:00

woww these are so cute!

nightwisher added this comment  2009-11-11 17:19:11-06:00

very background :) congrats!

danigrrrl1505 added this comment  2009-05-29 17:45:48-05:00

goooood jobbbbb! this is so good! no wonder you won!!

camillamarques added this comment  2009-05-29 10:38:35-05:00

beautiful =*

diamond414 added this comment  2009-05-28 12:16:42-05:00

i spent ages makin lots of mod cloth glogs for the comp cuz i realli wanted to win but i know why i didnt win noe but i think u deserve i it looks like u spent ages on it x

tweety23 added this comment  2009-05-28 12:15:09-05:00

I love it

ashl3ey added this comment  2009-05-28 00:57:10-05:00

aw, its nice! i loved the decorations a lot!! congrats!!

sweeterthanlife34 added this comment  2009-05-27 17:02:27-05:00

great glog! congrats on winning!!! :)

thistleflute added this comment  2009-05-27 15:25:53-05:00

Thanks for your lovely comments, still can't believe I won :-) I'm so HAPPY!

dramaqueenkt added this comment  2009-05-27 14:31:32-05:00

great job awesome!how does it feel that you won?

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