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Introducing Me :3

Introducing Me :3


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toolazyforspacebars added this comment  2012-06-11 16:40:25-05:00

Allow me to explain my nickname: My friend (Kay Ahh :D not on here sadly) used this as her VampireFreaks username I asked her if it was okay to use it for my acc. on here and she said it was fine. I didnt know about ur acc. till Marty told me.

toolazytousespacebars added this comment  2012-06-11 15:59:46-05:00

Wow, you have such a creative username I'm stunned by the originality. What a 'coincidence' :3 I'm so confused.

toolazyforspacebars added this comment  2012-06-11 14:32:59-05:00

Oh Dear ^.^ that is a bit weird but I assure(sp?) that I am not her & Kat is my nickname (WHOOP!) & I b a unicorn P.S. I herd bout the other acc. looked at it & the only diff between me & her wuld probly b our hair color since she is short as I am & she is tan as well

martyistheparty added this comment  2012-06-11 14:30:55-05:00

I Told Her That. Her Real name Is Alexandra :3

popii added this comment  2012-06-11 14:30:16-05:00

Your name is Kat, haha? If yes, then it's strange how one other girl on here with a nickname: toolazytousespacebars is also called Kat. Just saying. XD

martyistheparty added this comment  2012-06-11 13:50:02-05:00

Lol, HaHa, Your Awesome Kat :3

toolazyforspacebars added this comment  2012-06-11 11:18:46-05:00

I found this in my pics on my labtop so my first thought is..."Whatever ^.^" haha

martyistheparty added this comment  2012-06-08 12:29:09-05:00

HaHa. Alisha Has The Same Profile Pic :3