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evelynizquierdo added this comment  2011-06-12 17:09:08-05:00

Very creative, Albis. Great job!!! =)

myspirit added this comment  2011-06-25 13:20:05-05:00

Albis, you are a techno girl and a very innovative teacher. This glog shows us that you are very creative! You always make a wonderful thing from a simple idea. Congrats Albis!

zezon added this comment  2011-06-25 12:27:40-05:00

Nice and Original Idea Albis.

bibita added this comment  2011-06-24 21:04:16-05:00

Let me add that your mp3 intro makes people reflect, thank you for it!

bibita added this comment  2011-06-24 21:03:00-05:00

Wao, great talent! I love the turning little things, congrats

msangroniz added this comment  2011-06-24 16:47:08-05:00

Nice colors Albis, kind of stricking. NIce jo!!!

adenissnake added this comment  2011-06-24 13:47:09-05:00

Nice work Albis. Your blog is so beautiful. ;)