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About me

  • About me

    my name is sophia. i keep to myself. i am more of a girl in the shadows kinda of person. i dont like a lot of attention, but i want ppl o really no me and understand, but that dosnt happen a lot. i am thinkin bout twilight 24/7. am addicted to books. my life is really complicated right now, so i try to express myself through my glogs
  • Music

    paramore, flyleaf, the beatles, all american rejects, coldplay, evanescence, the fray, finger elevn, and some classical.


    twilight saga, cake boss, the secret life of the american teenager, the glenn beck program ( haha ik some of u will hate me for that),vampire daries, lost, other crap too
  • Lifestyle

    the stupid suburbs, boring, gonna move north when i get older.


    hate em all
  • Arts

    violin and piano


    I wanna have a collab account with a few ppl maybe send me a message, check out my glogs and ill check out urs and message you back! more infor on my home page twitter-toria997

Your love is my drug~ke$ha

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