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About me

  • About me

    Im pretty easy going most of the time...but for some reason i seem to atract people that wanna test me. I enjoy tryin new things in here...things that no one else has tried. oh!! and im old...;)
  • Music

    I love all kinds of you will see in my glogs! I try and mix up my song choices for all gloggers to enjoy. I guess i have the most fun doing horror glogs with metal music! Hardcore metal...


    I could easily do without a phone but, i absolutely have to have my tv and my movies!!! I watch a shit load of movies which is one of my main inspirations for making glogs! That and television...I see a kool commercial and think to myself "I can do something like that in a glog!"
  • Lifestyle

    I like to pheasant hunt in the fall but, my main passion is fishing! If im not in here im on a lake most likely or on the ice!


    Hockey,baseball and The Vikings.....Viking fan 4evr! Hating on the packers is another sport i enjoy....
  • Arts

    I never really understand this me, everything in life ties in with the arts....kinda!!


    did i metion that i was old?

PINK FLOYD "Pig's On The Wing"

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