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Rememberance of our soldiers

Rememberance of our soldiers


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webmadam added this comment  2013-02-17 00:18:47-06:00

We in Africa where I live had a war 30 odd years back. My children dont know what war is about. Great glog

alex452 added this comment  2013-01-24 10:39:48-06:00

That is right.

vivien added this comment  2012-10-28 09:17:04-05:00

Thank you all for your comments on this glog, and those who are joining the military please all take care xxxxxxxxxxx

griffandor added this comment  2012-10-25 16:15:48-05:00

love it, means more than I explain, I've lost a lot of family in the military, I plan on going to the Marine Corps, so its always good to know that there will be people who appreciate what the military does...POW/MIA

mojo97 added this comment  2012-10-12 14:10:27-05:00

i love the song and it means so much to my older brother:)

roomyspartanwilliamscott added this comment  2012-10-10 08:04:16-05:00

i love this. and soon ill be one of them

marshmallowwolf added this comment  2011-06-13 13:36:08-05:00

Beautiful and Powerful :)

livelovelaughride added this comment  2011-08-23 08:20:34-05:00

73 rates!!

livelovelaughride added this comment  2011-08-23 08:20:19-05:00

I luv this!!

spaasm added this comment  2010-11-15 08:01:07-06:00

that really is a 'top glog'. :) Really... wistful

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