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When it rains....

When it rains....


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buckleyforever added this comment  2010-07-01 09:57:14-05:00

this is beautiful!!!!!!!! amazing job! whatz the name of the song?????????

nawarri added this comment  2010-08-21 07:10:41-05:00

Aww :( Sad but really nice! Wonderful!

flirtastic15 added this comment  2010-06-26 15:25:22-05:00


beebrokaybrox added this comment  2010-06-11 20:48:44-05:00

niiice (:

littlepoet added this comment  2010-06-11 17:21:47-05:00

love it really good one of the best glogs i have seen

guitarhippie added this comment  2010-06-11 17:11:47-05:00

Nice poem, cool song, and I love the picture. It's REALLY cool XD

babe1995 added this comment  2010-06-11 16:39:17-05:00

OMG! love this song! stereo love!!

bloodfang08 added this comment  2010-06-11 15:20:25-05:00

nice poem, I like the background too. to be truthful I don't know what the song is since the volume on this computer is jacked up but since it can't be helped it won't affect my rating ^^ 5*. alerted

raaawwr added this comment  2010-06-14 22:56:11-05:00


bhaybieh added this comment  2010-06-11 00:34:44-05:00

haiz..loe the song and ur poem was great

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