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About me

  • About me

    heyy i'm shy a person iluv partying n drinking and getin high cuz thtz jus me n i'm bad/n talk shit get fucking hit don't play no games wana start bitches messing with the wrong girl >:/ and i'm already graduated from school ... i'm happly married 4eva 2 the man iluv forevea........... i believe in god all the time ...and i'm a christian..... and i'm 19 and from pennsylvania n i'm awesome n chill person and i hate justin bieber sorry to the fans tht luv him lolz i used 2 but hes just annoyin
  • Music

    all kinds country, pop, rock , rap,


    spongebob n victorious n my babysitters a vampire, teen wolf , pretty little liars , the fosters, twisted, wipe out,adventuretime, riders of dragons berk, saw12345, the house on the left, hanibail ,wanted, the boy in the stripped pajamias , just like heaven, man in the iron mask, the fast and furious, die hard, xxx, death race, corialine,corpse bride, the nightmare before christmas , frankenweeine, 9,
  • Lifestyle

    shity and rough


    softball, n feild hockey,
  • Arts

    self portiats , i can draw the britain flag awesomely


    i'm double jointed in my hands, honestly i just don't care wat people think .... i have tattoos n piercings :P um i mix match my socks because i think its style ... i'm obsessed with the britain flag:) , i have good taste in style n i always have to match if it don't look good back up 2 change :D i can speak five different languages ,chinese, french, germen,spanish, n english thtz how awesome i am yeah buddie ;pppp

help feed a child tht are straving everyday

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