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53 things a girl want in a guy

53 things a girl want in a guy


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ss8-2 added this comment  2015-02-26 08:52:46-06:00

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volleyballrox77 added this comment  2011-05-15 13:32:21-05:00

um, could you send this to my crush? he's got a serious prob with 51 and

garrie25 added this comment  2009-07-09 16:40:02-05:00

these are good tips i like it

eragon added this comment  2009-07-09 16:07:09-05:00

Awesome and so so true

megaroni126 added this comment  2009-07-09 10:58:03-05:00

so true

gothgirl added this comment  2009-07-09 02:38:06-05:00

awesome and so true!!!!

thahhxxbananahh added this comment  2009-07-08 23:04:57-05:00

So, so true!

moomooquacker added this comment  2009-07-08 21:40:35-05:00

LOVE IT!! 5 stars! *****

xill311 added this comment  2011-04-29 23:55:20-05:00

I made a glogster account for the sole purpose of commenting on this post. Concerning number four, as a guy, I came here to work on myself and understand the reasoning behind a recent breakup. I'm to tired to introduce all this, with that I just want to say that for guys, calling one another sluts or whores is a huge turn off, it shows us immature you can be. 2. the kind of drama you bring with you. And 3.that you aren't a nice person. this was a pretty insightful piece, but please, grow out of middle school

abbydawn101 added this comment  2009-07-11 20:07:00-05:00

awesome and very true

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