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About me

  • About me

    im a teenage girl and a mega huge anime freak, music is my life and i would die without it, i love all my friends, im pretty random and i really dont care what ppl say or think about me cus im my own person and i will not change 4 u at fucking all i swear a lot an fuck is one of my fave words
  • Music

    my chemical romance, gorillas, alkaline trio, bless the fall, afi, the briggs, drop kick murpheys,floggin molly, fall out boy, i set to kill, black veil brides,panic at the disco, korn, rise agianst the machine, marylin manson, h2o,


    anything by tim burtin and any anime
  • Lifestyle

    crazzzzzzy annoying lonley fun


    BOXING , lacrosse, dodgeball
  • Arts

    drawing anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!, writing ,singing,dancing


    im nuts!!!

i hate u

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