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About me

  • About me

    Read my profile or about me glog. (: - I don't do online bashing, so trying to pick a fight with me is pointless and stupid. Thanks.
  • Music

    ( These are the genres I like, since listing my fave bands would take forever. ) Techno, Happy Hardcore, Trance, Electro Rave, Electronica, Dance, Hard Dance, Screamo, ( Some ) Metal, Trash, K-Pop, J-Pop, Chamber Pop, Power Pop, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Ex


    Daddy's Girl, At the End of my Leash, Secret life of the American Teenager, Hannah Montana, Family Guy, JONAS, Friends, Seinfield, and one hell of alot more.
  • Lifestyle



    Soccer, Gymnastics, etc.
  • Arts

    Photography, Online ( or other digital ) graphics, Music playing ( insturment wise ), Painting, Button Art, Scrapbooking.


    I play keyboard, synthesizer, keytar, flute, alto saxaphone, guitar, and if rockband counts, that too. ;p I like taking pictures and being in pictures. I like doing people's hair or makeup. I like inventing new ways to do my makeup or hair. I'm lame. (:

Talking to the Moon

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