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City of Angels


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sarair added this comment  2012-03-15 16:13:22-05:00 it ;)

vivien added this comment  2012-03-14 08:12:33-05:00

very touching glog xxxxxxxxxxx

mona2010 added this comment  2011-09-18 23:19:44-05:00

never seen City of Angels? It's a perfect story about better to have had and lost than never had at all :) One of my fav movies . Faved gloggy as well ;)

chalkdawg added this comment  2011-09-18 22:30:04-05:00

Is that Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan? Two of my fav actors. Never seen it, but if they're in it, it's got to be good. Nicely done! 5 woofs.

rosesunrise65 added this comment  2011-09-18 19:10:43-05:00

Yeah...a very touching story...i have always said that god can't stand ideal things on the Earth..only on Heaven:) But that gloggie is just what i mean ideal! fav

youngmedicalintern added this comment  2011-09-18 12:51:29-05:00

This is one movie I could watch 1000 times and cry every time :)