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Eat Pray Love


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pitaten added this comment  2012-06-12 08:16:49-05:00

l LOVE that movie!!!!!!!!!! i watched god knows how many times

sarair added this comment  2012-03-18 20:07:48-05:00

love it it :)

ina5 added this comment  2012-03-17 15:05:05-05:00


vivien added this comment  2012-02-02 02:57:28-06:00

Amazing xxxxxxxxxx

youngmedicalintern added this comment  2012-01-30 23:36:32-06:00

aww, thanks friends :)

aimeeisawsome added this comment  2012-01-29 17:51:37-06:00

amazing idea. ur really creative

mona2010 added this comment  2012-01-29 13:34:12-06:00

well they said it all already :) only liked and faved has left for me ,... omigosh it's contagious :D

kremi73 added this comment  2012-01-29 05:01:34-06:00

you're a mage July....great idea and glog..I like your way of making art....:*!!!

patrix added this comment  2012-01-29 04:51:27-06:00

creative :) all movie trailers should have blogs like this, bravo

elzathelion added this comment  2012-01-29 02:45:43-06:00

doing that all the life,honestly said -only eating has given results till now:)...i'm still in expectancy, btw excellent glog!!!