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sparkhiyama added this comment  2010-12-06 14:07:42-06:00

This blog is cute but there is very little about the actual Casino Niagara on here. Some of the pictures are of the wrong casinos... one of them is from the casino on the states side. I wish there was a little more information on Casino Niagara. But it is definitely colourful! Ashley Sparkman

nickjai25 added this comment  2010-12-06 02:15:40-06:00

Good job, nice pictures. I agree that the video was cute and entertaining but had nothing to do with the casino. And also it was hard to read the green writing on the pink. Overall nice set up and very coulorful :)

danielleandalyse added this comment  2010-12-05 20:22:30-06:00

Very colourful and festive!! You have great pictures, although a few of them do not pertain to the Casino Niagara theme. We like that you have added the link to facebook and google, great idea! Although the Christmas video is entertaining, we don't think it really fits on your poster. Overall an exciting glog!

huntingtonteresa added this comment  2010-12-05 19:41:34-06:00

Great Job. I really like that you put a Christmas theme on it as it is the Christmas Season. Although it would have been nice to have the video on the top right to be a bit bigger. But other than that I really like this poster and think you did a great job.