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About me

  • About me

    i am a really loyal,stick bye you,defend you kind a person.i love to talk and i like to hang out w new people.
  • Music

    as far as music goes,i like lots of 90's stuff,like ace of bace and the beach boys.


    i like to watch fantasy stuff but i dont watch alot of TV,im not the kind of person who can sit and watch TV all day,if i dont go outside ill just sit by the window reading for an hour or two
  • Lifestyle

    i bassicly love coming home to an air conditioned house after school and i do my homework chores and then i like to hang out with freinds.


    i like to play sports for fun but ive never been on an actuall team before,but i think when middle school finishes tearing me down ill try it.
  • Arts

    arts?i love to doodle the most,ive always wanted to be an atrist, but now i want to be a kindergarden teacher,i think it would get me futher in life...


    i just st6arted glogster and i dont really know what im doing so...if my glogsters arent too graet, well ya,i just started...


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